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Graffiti Removal Melbourne

Graffiti Removal 

Welcome to Nifty Graffiti Removal, we specialise in graffiti removal in Melbourne from all types of surfaces.

We provide quality services throughout the entire Melbourne metropolitan and Greater Melbourne region for all your graffiti removal needs and have an established history servicing suburbs such as  Montmorency, Thornbury, Lower Plenty, Rosanna, South Morang, Bundoora, Mill Park, Thomastown, Preston, Reservoir, Greensborough, Macleod, Eltham, Clifton Hill, Fairfield, Epping, Heidelberg, Lalor, Ivanhoe & Viewbank.

Graffiti Removal Melbourne

Graffiti Removal

We have the knowledge, skill and technology to remove graffiti from all types of surfaces and restore property back to its original state and appearance. With our expertise and years of experience, we are the company to trust for your graffiti removal services.

Pressure Cleaning Melbourne

Pressure Cleaning

Our hot pressure cleaning equipment will vastly improve the appearance of your paths, driveways, decking’s, retaining walls, house, patios, commercial buildings and warehouses. by removing the build up of dirt, grime, pollution, and moss from your property.

Surface Restoration Melbourne

Surface Restoration

At Nifty Graffiti Removal we are experts in Surface restoration, be it from oil, grease, smoke, cement, calcium, render, rust stains etc. With many years of experience we can help you improve the appearance of your property.

Local Graffiti Removal Specialists Melbourne

Graffiti Removal Melbourne – Your Local Specialists

With the presence and problem of Graffiti in today’s society, many people and businesses hesitate to make the leap from traditional methods of ‘Band-Aid’ fixes such as patch painting over the problem or ignoring it all together.

A comment often made is that there’s no point in removing graffiti in Melbourne because it will only reappear anyway or, all it does is provide a blank canvas for vandals. This is not the case. The presence of graffiti will increase the chance of more graffiti being added and even damage occurring such as broken windows. This is because the place gives an impression of neglect or chaos, which is more likely to attract vandals. Graffiti tagging is ugly and unpleasant, and will devalue property if not removed.

The positive approach is, to think of graffiti removal as maintenance of your premises. The quicker the graffiti is removed, the easier it is to get off and the greater the impact against further vandalism occurring.

Considering the issues that businesses, public property and residential properties face, we are dedicated to being part of the solution; with specialised and proactive services at an affordable rate, keeping the integrity of being environmentally focused and providing premium customer service.

Why Remove Graffiti?

Most people don’t have the skills or equipment to successfully removed graffiti from their home or property without leaving any trace.

We also find that some of these people consider it a waste of time to remove graffiti as they think that the vandals will just come back and do it all over again.

This is not our experience.

Our clients are surprised to learn that when graffiti is removed quickly that the vandals generally DON’T come back. Knowing that someone is proactively removing their exposure is too much of a hassle for them and they’ll quickly move on.

However, if you don’t remove graffiti, you can see the following affects:

  • Creates a poor business image for anyone who visits your premises and deems you as untrustworthy
  • Can reduce your property value
  • It will cost more time and money to fix if there’s additional graffiti being added to the first case
  • May lead to an increase in anti-social behaviour in the area such as theft & the destruction of property.

Browse our site to see the services that we offer and visit our Before and After Gallery to view the fantastic results we are able to achieve.

wall graffiti removal melbourne


Nifty Graffiti Management prides itself on its expertise in the field of graffiti removal. Our team is equipped with cutting-edge technology, a range of chemical options, and a diverse set of methods and techniques, all of which contribute to our ability to cleanse a wide range of surfaces from unwanted graffiti. 

At the start of every project, we conduct preliminary assessments to identify the most suitable combination of chemicals, tools, and techniques for each specific task. This approach not only guarantees the effective removal of graffiti but also ensures that the process is conducted safely, preserving the integrity of the surface beneath. On completion of the job, the affected area is restored to its original state, leaving no trace of any vandalism or damage. 

Graffiti removal techniques can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including but not limited to concrete, brick, wood, steel structures, glass, painted surfaces, tiles, aluminium, plastics, Perspex, vehicles, protective coatings, Colorbond, rendered walls, shade fabrics, signage, and banners. 

In instances where covering the graffiti is deemed the most viable solution, our team is skilled in colour matching and repainting, further details of which can be found on our Services page. 

Untrained attempts at graffiti removal can lead to harm to the property, environmental damage, and personal injury. To understand the risks associated with improper graffiti removal, visit our page Poor Removal Work By Others which illustrates some of the common consequences of inadequate removal practices. 

wall graffiti removal beforewall graffiti-removal-after
Graffiti removal beforeGraffiti removal after
Graffiti removal melbourne beforeGraffiti removal melbourne after
graffiti removal beforewall graffiti-removal-after
Graffiti removal beforeGraffiti removal after
Graffiti removal melbourne beforeGraffiti removal melbourne after


Nifty Graffiti Management excels not only in graffiti elimination but also in the removal and stripping of paint from a range of different surfaces. Whether it’s aged paint that needs clearing, unintended paint spills, or acts of vandalism involving paint, our team is well-equipped to handle the situation. We employ state-of-the-art paint stripping agents and leverage the power of high-pressure, hot water systems to ensure a clean and pristine finish. 


Nifty Graffiti Management specialise in precise paint colour matching for both residential and commercial properties throughout Bundoora and its neighbouring areas, including Mill Park, Thomastown, Preston, Reservoir, Greensborough, Macleod, Eltham, Clifton Hill, Fairfield, Epping, Heidelberg, Lalor, Ivanhoe, and Viewbank. 


To safeguard your valuable property against the scourge of graffiti, we recommend the application of anti-graffiti coatings. These protective layers prevent graffiti materials such as paint, inks, and dyes from embedding into surfaces, offering an effective shield. Our range includes various coatings tailored to meet specific surface protection needs. 


The presence of illegal bill posters can significantly impact the aesthetic appeal of a property. At Nifty Graffiti Management, we not only remove these unsolicited posters but also take care of disposing of the associated paper waste, ensuring your premises regain their clean and professional appearance. 

Graffiti Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a professional graffiti removal service?

Hiring a professional graffiti removalist can provide several advantages over attempting to do it yourself. A graffiti removal company has specialised tools, knowledge, and experience that can ensure the process is completed effectively and without causing further damage to the surface underneath. This is particularly important when dealing with sensitive materials like brick or historic buildings where improper removal methods could cause irreversible harm.

The process employed by a professional service typically involves identifying the type of surface and the nature of the graffiti, followed by the application of suitable removal techniques and products. These companies are skilled at removing graffiti completely, without leaving behind any residual marks or discoloration. This proficiency is often due to their vast experience and access to professional-grade products that may not be readily available to the public. Hiring a graffiti removal company can save you both time and potential trouble, ensuring that the affected property is restored to its original state in a manner that’s both efficient and safe.

How do I stop graffiti on my house?

Preventing graffiti on your house involves a combination of strategies. Consider installing outdoor lighting, as well-lit areas are less likely to be targeted by vandals. Security cameras can also act as a deterrent and provide useful evidence if graffiti does occur. Applying anti-graffiti coating on your exterior walls can stop paint or ink penetrating deeply making it easier to clean. Keeping your property clean, well-maintained, and free of existing graffiti sends a message that the location is monitored and less likely to tolerate vandalism.

How long does graffiti last on walls?

How long graffiti lasts can vary depending on factors such as the type of paint used, the surface material of the wall, and the environmental conditions. Spray paint can last for several years on outdoor surfaces if left untreated. On the street where these drawings or markings are exposed to harsh weather conditions, the vibrancy of the paint may start to fade after a few years, but the graffiti itself can still be distinguishable for a long time.

Is it OK to paint over graffiti?

Where other graffiti removal methods may not be appropriate or feasible, painting over graffiti can be a viable option. This is particularly true when the urgency of maintaining the appearance of a structure is high. Though the method comes with potential challenges, especially with porous surfaces like brick or concrete where graffiti paint can penetrate deep into the tiny crevices, painting over graffiti can serve as a cost-effective solution.

Why is it important to remove graffiti quickly?

It is crucial to remove graffiti in a timely manner because of its detrimental impacts on both public and private spaces. Graffiti can be perceived as property damage, diminishing the visual appeal and value of a structure. When left unchecked, it might signal that neglect and disorder are tolerated in that area, causing further deterioration of the property’s appearance. These signs of neglect can attract more undesirable activities, making the environment seem unsafe and potentially impacting local businesses or residents negatively.

Quick graffiti removal also helps discourage future attacks. If graffiti artists know their work will be promptly erased, they may be less likely to use that location again, decreasing the chances of repeated offenses. By acting swiftly, communities and property owners can create an atmosphere of respect and care, demonstrating that the property is monitored and valued, thereby discouraging future instances of graffiti and other forms of vandalism.

What Our Clients Say

Contacted Richard in April 2023 to ask for advice and a quote for removing fresh graffiti on the side of my building. He replied promptly to provide a price estimate and proposed schedule. Friendly and professional throughout, Richard showed up on time, did an excellent job of removing the graffiti, and stuck to the estimate. I have no hesitation in recommending his company based on this experience.

C Tan

Richard has been removing Graffiti for our business premises Melbourne Mini Storage in Brunswick East for a couple of years. His work is excellent and price reasonable. Richard goes beyond the call of the quoted job. Arrives on time, is very pleasant to work with and leaves the place very tidy after he is completed the job. We have no hesitation in recommending Richard for any Graffiti removal work. Thank you Richard.

IonaA J

Melbourne Mini Storage

Richard did an amazing job We had graffiti on a wall that had painted with Porters paint. He went above and beyond, first cleaning the tag and then repainting the section so that it blended with the aged look of the rest of the wall. Could not recommend him highly enough!

Chel Russo

We have been using the services of Richard from Bye Bye Graffiti now for a few years to remove graffiti from the façade of various buildings we manage. In all those times, whether the surface of the building was exposed brick, painted timber or rendered texture we have found the results to be totally successful with no visual traces or shadows of any graffiti once removed. Further, we have always experienced Richard to be competitive with his pricing and to attend in a timely manner – and in nearly all instances a courtesy phone call being received to advise that the job has been successfully completed. We have found both the level and quality of service being provided is second to none, and as a service provider we find this most reassuring in knowing the expectations of our clients are being well looked after when it comes to removing graffiti.

Jack K

Fantastic professional graffiti removal, knowledgeable about chemicals and surfaces and great follow-up. Absolutely five stars!

Dan Stainsby

Bye Bye Graffiti were quick to respond and we are very happy with the results. I would definitely recommend them!

Susan Pennings

Fantastic service, will use again

Danielle Palecek