Welcome to Nifty Graffiti Removal!

Hello, I’m Richard Agius, owner and operator of Nifty Graffiti Removal, specialising in graffiti removal and industrial cleaning, providing services to large and small businesses, shop trader associations, supermarket chains, body corporate, real estate, builders, property maintenance, schools, child care, community housing, aged care, medical clinics, clubs, organisations and private residences throughout the metropolitan and outer fringe areas of Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula.

I have qualifications and over 20 years experience in the printing industry and drawing on skill, expertise and knowledge in the sensitive handling of chemicals, colour matching, accuracy and attention to detail, decided to extend my expertise and knowledge into the graffiti removal sector in 2009 and formed Nifty Graffiti Removal in 2012.

I hold the following certifications:

Passionate about safety, quality and exceptional customer service, I am committed to providing services based on value for money, affordable pricing and quality workmanship in all circumstances.



Exceptional Customer Service

We strive on delivering an exceptional customer service experience, by delivering a professional, personalized and honest approach to all situations with a ‘can do’ attitude.

Environmentally Friendly Focus

Nifty Graffiti Removal are committed to driving and contributing to being an environmentally friendly business partner. Every step will be taken to ensure the task at hand is driven toward being environmentally friendly to support a ‘greener’ world.

Safety Compliant

Safety is the highest priority when conducting all work. We adhere to safe working procedures at all times, to protect the property and people at each location involved.

Poor Removal Work By Others

Poor Removal Work By Others

On our travels we come across evidence of graffiti that has been removed by other parties. It is very disappointing to find such poor work procedures being used. When the incorrect chemical or procedures are used, it can lead to permanent damage to the surface, which could be expensive to repair or replace.