Colour Matching Melbourne

What Is Colour Matching?

Nifty Services offer colour matching services for homes and businesses in Bundoora and the surrounding suburbs including: Mill Park, Thomastown, Preston, Reservoir, Greensborough, Macleod, Eltham,Clifton Hill, Fairfield, Epping, Heidelberg, Lalor, Ivanhoe & Viewbank.

A special skill that we have at Nifty Services is colour matching. We carry a range of paints and colour tints ready to used at all times. Having this ability is a great advantage as paint can be colour matched and mixed on site. This means that the most accurate match can be achieved and a lot of time is saved, as we don’t need to travel to have paint mixed by suppliers. Saving time means saving money and these savings help to keep our prices lower.
This service is valuable at times when you have an area that needs repainting and you need to match an existing colour but you don’t know the colour name or formula. We can mix the colour accurately and provide a small sample pot or amount of paint required for your use. Paint suppliers are able to use this wet paint sample to mix more paint when required in the future.

The photos below are an example of where it was required to paint over the graffiti. The colour match was so accurate that only this section of wall needed to be repainted. This is an example of the brilliant results that we are able to achieve.

Other services we offer include:
Surface Restoration
Pressure Cleaning

For all enquiries and graffiti removal services please contact Richard on 0409 864 612 or email

Colour Matching Melbourne

Owned and operated in Australia, Nifty Services is based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and serves throughout the metropolitan area. We specialise in graffiti removal and also provide quality cleaning and painting services.

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