Graffiti Removal Gone Wrong

On our travels we come across evidence of graffiti that has been removed by other parties. It is very disappointing to find such poor workmanship. When the incorrect chemical or procedures are used, it can lead to permanent damage to the surface, which could be expensive to repair or replace.

Although the graffiti is gone, the end result does not look respectful and showing a lack of respect for premises can increase the chance of further vandalism. At Nifty Services we remove graffiti using the right method. We care about the work that we do, so tests are conducted prior to any work commencing. We remove graffiti without damaging the surface and make it appear that no graffiti had ever been present.

Nifty Services does not do the type of work as shown below:

It appears that graffiti has been removed using the incorrect chemical,
which has resulted in permanent damage to the surface of this galvanised steel roller door.

Graffiti Removal Methods Melbourne

This concrete wall had graffiti removed using high pressure water as evident in the close up photo. The coloured pigment of the graffiti has been removed, but the top coating of the concrete has been removed as well. The surface has been damaged and the vandals signature will remain on this wall permanently.

How to Remove Graffiti

I observed some graffiti removal done by someone else in our local area, so I decided to take photos to see what would happen. The following 3 photos shows what can occur when the work is not done properly.

The graffiti was patch painted over. The wrong colour was used and it wasn’t even done neatly.

Tools for removing graffiti

…2 weeks later

Melbourne Graffiti Removal

 …A further 2 weeks later.


This site is continually having graffiti attacks and it keeps being patch painted, a cycle that could have been prevented if it was done right the first time.

 You can always rely on Nifty Services for safe graffiti removal!

Owned and operated in Australia, Nifty Services is based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and serves throughout the metropolitan area. We specialise in graffiti removal and also provide quality cleaning and pressure cleaning services.

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