Graffiti Removal Services Melbourne

At Nifty Services, we offer a range of graffiti removal services, which include:

Pressure Cleaning: We have a high pressure water cleaning service that removes these dirty and dangerous substances and rejuvenate the appearance of your property.

Surface Restoration: Surfaces over time can be affected by various elements like; wear and tear, weather, ultraviolet rays and pollution, they can cause surfaces to change colour or appear lifeless and dull.

Colour Matching: We carry a range of paints and colour tints ready to used at all times. Having this ability is a great advantage as paint can be colour matched and mixed on site.

Painting: We can provide that professional service to freshen up the appearance or change the colour of your property or at times when it is decided that the best method of removing graffiti is to paint over it.

Owned and operated in Australia, Nifty Services is based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and serves throughout the metropolitan area. We specialise in graffiti removal and also provide quality cleaning and pressure cleaning services.

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